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Tell No Lies But Keep Secrets is rich in science and high tech. Below is a guide to gaining more knowledge on some of that science.


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Polonium 210 Polonium 210 is used by Nato as an aide to ignite nail bombs so that the Russian’s boat implodes after he kills the two agents on board. To
Brain Machine Interfacing Technology Brain Machine Interfacing, BMI, technologies exist today and DARPA, our US military’s advance tech arm, is in the forefront. BMI is used by NWO and Commander Fuse(from the future), to interact with Nato while he’s on assignment. Search DARPA’s website for declassified BMI technologies. To
Bethel, AK The NWO has sent Nato to Bethel, Alaska to annihilate all person’s associated with a black operations project whose security has been breached. While there Nato finds time for some fun. Find out more about this quaint little Alaskan town. To
Remote Viewing NWO uses remote viewing. This is the ability to read the thoughts of a target anywhere on the planet by using a remote reader to tap into the conscious stream of the target. Read more about remote viewing at Wikipedia. To
Computer Reading Users Minds An article on science thats on the horizon. Computers that can read the user’s mind. To
Brain Finger Printing A wikipedia entry on this technology that is far better than a polygraph. The brain doesn’t lie, it hold the truth even if your mouth spews lies. Brain finger printing reads the truth by reading the brain. To
The Akashic Field WorldLife Planetary Constellation’s Security found the Akashic field or Akashic records and developed the Wave as a means of traveling into the past. The Akashic field is a wave of energy that contains previous thoughts of consciousness. In theory some of the atoms that your brain uses for thought escapes into the universe and these atoms come together into a wave of consciousness called the Akashic record. Read more at Wikipedia. To
Solar Neutrino Rays The Sun shoots more than 50 trillion solar neutrino rays through ever human body on Earth every second. The black project in Bethel, Alaska for NWO has developed a gun that uses these rays as an entry point into the brain and other parts of the human body to implant neuro-programs into unsuspecting targets. Read more about n-rays at Wikipedia. To
Split Brain Consciousness Nato developed a technique to exist in multiple states of consciousness simultaneously. In real life only a few species has been documented to have this unique cognitive ability. Read more at Wikipedia on uni-hemispheric consciousness. To
Invisible Cloak NWO has a project that creates phantom soldiers. These soldiers are real persons that remotely fight wars. An invisible cloak of the soldier to sent via satellites to the battle field. Read more about the possibility of invisible cloak technology on the horizon from a BBC article. To
Stargate Project Many future technologies in Tell No Lies But Keep Secrets were inspired by actual intel projects, most have been closed but the imagination the projects gives haven’t. Here is the Stargate project, after reading the entire installment you’ll know what Stargate inspired. To
BMI Game Controls Here’s a New York Times article on some future tech on the horizon. Using the brain’s thoughts as a joystick for gaming. To
Brain Waves to Manipulate Operations For super geeks or electronics geeks, here’s a synopsis of an article at IEEE’s Xplore site, the digital database of IEEE journal articles. You don’t have to be an electrical engineer to become a member or read the journal(libraries carry it). Like reading schematics become a member and read them on advanced science projects. To
Meta-materials Nato uses some meta-materials while in the field. Read more on meta-material at How Things work, a great science based site for all ages. To
Brain Clock Nato developed a technique to change his Arcadian rhythms. You can read more about an interesting Brain Clock project at University Illinois Urbana-Champaign. To University Illinois Project
The Philadelphia Experiment A famous supposed experiment wherein the U.S. Navy successfully convinced all shipments and port personnel that an entire naval war vessel disappeared into then air. To
Mind control A little read up on mind control on wikipedia including some CIA projects. To
The Defense device A nice New York Times read from September 1996 on U.S. Defense projects and everyone’s unique signal. In Tell No Lies But Keep Secrets NWO finds operatives and other targets via their unique electromagnetic signal and hone in on that frequency to perform surveillance or communicate with the target. To
Machine Vision is a great learning site similar to How Things Work but for Information Technology, Computer Sciences. Machine vision is similar to voice recognition. Commander Fuse uses a technology that uses machine vision to interact with the past. To
Cordite Cordite is used as an explosive agent. Nato makes use of it to help him escape the assassins in Seattle. Read more about cordite at wikipedia To
Cell Mutation Cat.inist is a website for biologist and chemist searching for technical data on cell mutations and chemical compound life spans. Its a great research resource for writers. Here’s a read on human cell mutation which NWO technologies need to know. To
Gun Dictionary If you need to write about guns here’s a dictionary to give you gun knowledge. To

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